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Fundación SOL is a non-profit organization based in Chile. We’ve been working for almost ten years with the main objective of being a national center of reference in areas such as labor, syndicalism, and education, questioning the principles which maintain the current economic model in the country.


We promote an informed debate through consulting, workshops, research, and studies in order to empower workers and their organizations, given them the technical tools to make them an active actor within the social and economic disputes affecting Chile.


We want to develop an informed conscientiousness in people; to reach that objective, we research and analyze empirical data on the Chilean reality.  This information is freely available to the public on our digital platforms.


During 2016 we made nine studies in areas such as social security, wages, education, and syndicalism. Additionally, we researched the labor reform driven by the current government of President Michelle Bachelet. In parallel, every month we published our Monthly Report of Labor Quality (IMCE for its initials in Spanish).


You can read and download our reports in our website (only in Spanish).


But we don’t want to contribute only as a diagnostic tool of social and economic issues in Chile.  We also we want to make a contribution through the development of public proposals. In order to do so, during 2016 we participated in the formulation of a technical proposal for a New Retirement System for Chile with the National Coordinator of Workers No+AFP (No more pension funds administrators in Spanish).  No+AFP is a social movement formed mainly by workers and retired workers who advocate for a new social security system for Chile (the current one was imposed in the Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship). You can read and download the proposal in No+AFP’s website (only in Spanish).



In order to transmit the knowledge that we generate, we consistently expose in talks, forums, seminaries, and academic activities throughout the country. We participate in instances of non-formal education such as workshops and labor union schools.


During 2016 we presented in 159 forums and seminaries in 25 cities in Chile. Also, we participated in 20 labor union schools, spaces of self-managed education oriented to give critical skills to union leaders.




Our purpose is to influence the public debate and become a reference for the critical approach to the economic model in the country. During 2016 we made more than 200 appearances in press in 81 national and international media outlets.


We want to contribute to the national discussion through a reflection and empirical analysis of the Chilean reality. In order to reach this goal, we wrote 29 opinion columns regarding social security, work, salary, syndicalism, labor reform, and education.


As an organization we translate the economic debate to the daily language of the people. To do that, our social networks have had a fundamental role. Through our Twitter and Facebook accounts we share info-graphs with data which showing the country’s inequality with respect to different subjects.


We finished 2016 with 121.275 followers in our Facebook account and 68.559 followers in our Twitter account.

Labor unions


During 2016 we maintain our support to labor unions participating collective negotiations processes with their employers. We had training meetings with labor unions, we provide economic analysis of the firms, and we gave direct support to the syndicates in their collective negotiations meetings with their employers.


In the aggregate we have advised nine labor unions through all the year.






Contrary to other foundations, we don’t receive money from businessmans or political parties. We want to protect the independence of our ideas, in order to do so, we promote a collective fundraising based in micro-donations: normal people who support our work giving small donations every month.


Also we collect funds through the realization of research projects, asking a voluntary donation for our talks, classes at universities and advices for labor unions.





Haz tu aporte Make your contribution ACÁ-HERE FUNDACIÓN SOL Miraflores 113, oficina 48, Santiago Teléfono: ( +562 ) 632 81 41
Haz tu aporte Make your contribution
Haz tu aporte Make your contribution
FUNDACIÓN SOL Miraflores 113, oficina 48, Santiago Teléfono: ( +562 ) 632 81 41